Video Reel

MV Alucia:  Voyage to Drydock
I enjoy making movies about everyday people and everyday life. So it’s fun when a client asks you to do just that.  The retro-fit of a former French sub-tender enters a phase requiring several weeks in dry dock. At this point the MV Alucia engines are not operating so tugboats provide the power. Client: DeepOceanQuest.

©2009 James Eaton Associates.

Pacific Marine Research
Video profile of a program offering marine science field trips for students in Washington state.

MV Alucia: Sea Trials
Here’s another video about the progress of the retro-fit of Deep Ocean Quest’s exploration ship MVAlucia.  Sadly the ship’s one and only exploration mission entailed several weeks in the South Atlantic, off of the coast of Brazil, leading the search and recovery operation of the wreckage of Air France flight 447. The plane went down on a flight between Rio and Paris on March 22, 2009. As of this writing, the Alucia has been sold to a private owner and will not participate in future exploration missions.

MV Alucia Sea Trials from James Eaton on Vimeo.